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Friday, May 06, 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day

I won't be winning any mothering awards after the day we had yesterday...

Tim left the house early, before Kieran was up as he was going to Ottawa for the day. The only real challenge to that is getting in a shower. I need my morning shower!
So Kieran was up a little before 7 just as I finished nursing Patrick.
I got K dressed and we went downstairs for some breakfast and I left him with his food and the tv while I dashed upstairs for a quick shower.
I got back to him and no damage was done!

He got some more tv while I nursed Patrick again then we headed out in the rain to the playgroup around the corner.
You know that kid that parents try to keep their children away from at these groups? Well, Kieran was that kid yesterday.
He was seeking out any other child he could get a reaction out of and going for the toy they were playing with and just being a big bully and pushing and shoving.
Luckily Patrick was fast asleep in the stroller and didn't need my attention.
I tried not to leave Kieran's side and foresee which child he would target next.
And I did contemplate leaving early but figured he'd just act out at home instead so we might as well stick it out to the end and expend some energy in the gym.

As we left, we decided to take the longer way home even if it meant getting a little wet in the rain. Kieran got a little ahead of me and wanted to go to the park and the next thing I knew he was in the middle of the street with me trying to run after him with the stroller while a car is coming up the hill at him. Luckily, for once, the driver was going slow and saw him and stopped and another mother was there and ran after Kieran with her little one in tow.
After some freaked out tears on my part and lots of hugging and mild scolding, we headed for home where Kieran kept hugging me and saying "It's okay Mommy. Cars are dangerous."
Nothing to make me fell any better or stop the tears!

So he got more tv before lunch while I nursed then off to bed for an almost 2 hour nap, surprisingly without a fight.
When Kieran woke up we played with Play-Doh which whenever he'd asked to do lately I'd been busy with Patrick so I always saying we'd do it later.
Of course that kept his interest for 10 minutes at the most then I had to nurse Patrick again.
And let the fun begin!

Kieran had watched enough tv and usually plays quite well so I let him entertain himself while I was tending to Patrick. Well, Kieran decided he'd get into anything and everything. No damage was done but compost bags were thrown about, straws were thrown about, shade strings were pulled after numerous warnings not to play with them, among other things.
He was just constantly getting into things he shouldn't. Luckily I know the sounds of my house so I preempted most of his shenanigans but I'd had quite enough of him completely ignoring my scoldings. Exasparating!

Supper time went okay and then I gave in to the tv again as Patrick was due for his supper.
Of course at this point Kieran wasn't interested in watching much. Then a phone call from a friend asking to come visit brought some reprieve just before bedtime. And luckily bedtime goes pretty smoothly around here.

I know things could have been much worse but I think it's more about the way I dealt with it all and my feelings of helplessness.

"Why won't you just listen to me when I ask you to do/not do something?!!?"

Oh, ya, because you're 2 1/2!


Voila! said...

Hi, I think you are being too hard on yourself. Kieran and Patrick have a warm home, are well fed and most importantly,enjoy lots of love from two parents. The rest you just have to make it up as you go along - there are no instructions or rule books. Celebrate Mother's Day - you deserve it.

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