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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's interesting encounter

On the way home on this more than frigid evening, I encountered the nutjob of the week award winner. Said dude was wearing a warm looking hat with ear-flaps à la Elmer Fudd, a parka (not zipped up, mind you), SHORTS and BIRKENSTOCKS WITH NO SOCKS! I have nothing more to say...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Latest change

Oh boy, it's been already a week and I haven't shared...I got my hair cut! Woohoo! It just got too annoying. I had it tied up all the time to stay in the hairnet at work but then I had to have it down to fit my hat on my head to go outside and it would get half untucked out of my coat and I'd get hot in the metro with it on my neck. So it was time to get it chopped! Sorry, no pictures, you'll have to see it in person! It's about the same style I had three years ago, just above shoulder length. Nothing exciting.

I had the pleasure, as I will again this week, of starting work at 6:30 2 mornings last week as one of my co-workers is on vacation. So I got to drive in as I can't get there on time by bus at that hour. Too early! The upside of starting at that hour is I get to finish at 2:30. Or I'm supposed to anyhow. On Thursday it was just too busy so I ended up staying til 3:45. Needless to say I was asleep in front of the tv even before 8 o'clock rang!

I got closer to 50 blood donations this week too. That might have also contributed to my lack of energy. Although I did make it to the gym 3 times during the week.

I've been reading Nora Roberts' Key Trilogy as my public transit divertissement. Decent mindless reading, but man, I can really do without the smutty love parts. I actually skip the pages with those scenes. It's worse than Harlequin romances! Not that I've read any, but, like, totally gag me! I guess desperate housewives have to get it somewhere!

Monday, January 01, 2007


I count myself to be very lucky, this was the first year ever I've had to work between Christmas and New Year's. And it was pretty busy at work. Luckily on Friday we were allowed to leave by 2 o'clock and I did not have to do the usual Friday inspection. Normally on Fridays they stop production before lunch and then they spend the afternoon hosing down the production and packaging departments after which I have to make sure everything was cleaned properly. Since we only had 3 days of work last week, they forwent the big cleaning.
Tim left the office early, his last day at Montrusco, and came to get me at work. As of Wednesday, he'll still be working for his present employer, ConnecTalk but will no longer be permanently at the same client's office (which was Montrusco.) So he will now be driving to work in Ville St-Laurent instead of walking to the office downtown.
We then did some shopping for the weekend and dropped in at Tim's mom's.

This year we decided to do something different for New Year's as it would be falling on the weekend and various people would be away or unsure if they could make it to a dinner party due to pregnancies and other excuses!
So an ever-shrinking group of us, which was the perfect number in the end as no one had to sleep on the floor, ended up at my parents' cottage in New York state.
Ysabel also backed out on coming so Tim, Maya and I headed down early on Saturday morning in the blowing snow and made it to Mountain View by 11:30 or so after picking up some more groceries in Malone. It's such a pain to not be able to bring meat or fruit across the border. Luckily our dollar isn't at such a bad exchange rate these days.
We went out for a walk in the afternoon and showed Maya the hood and at some point Tim checked his phone and we had a message from Stephanie that Olaf was under the weather so they would only be showing up on Sunday. AAAAaaaaah! They were supposed to be bringing chocolate for fondue for Saturday evening's dessert! So I made the chocolate cake I had planned for Murielle's birthday (on the 1st) instead. Chocolate in any form is always a must!

Murielle & Paul showed up at suppertime and we had fajitas followed by watching Batman Begins. We had brought our projector and screen for the full movie experience.
Steph & Olaf showed up on a beautiful Sunday morning and we spent the afternoon walking in the woods towards "High Falls". As always, go to Tim's site for all the photos but here are a few for now...