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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Inspiration please

I was encouraged last week to get back into writing some short stories but I have yet to come up with any ideas. It has been over 2 years since I last took a writing class and I don't think I've written any stories since then. I always have trouble getting inspired on my own. That's why classes are a good motivator. The teacher gives you a topic or gives you some kind of direction to come up with a story.
So I figured I would reach out to my audience (I'm not even sure who reads this blog...) and inquire:

"What would you like to read about?"

Awaiting your comments so I can get writing!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Luck o' the Irish

If you're going to the parade on Sunday (or not), you're welcome to drop on by our place afterwards for some stew and you can check out the kitchen too!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lots more pictures

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Kitchen update

And the work continues! And as of today we're 20% over budget!
Tim had taken the week of the 20th off so we got a lot done with some help from Olaf and Eric.
This is what things looked like 2 weeks ago...

Monday the floor got sanded and the hole to the dining room was made. The house got covered in dust even with all the precautionary plastic and drop cloths. I've just given up on doing much cleaning until this is all over.
Tuesday we picked up our (huge!) sink. You know you've got quality when your sink comes in a cloth drawstring bag. It should make a good stuff sack for camping gear too!
Wednesday we had more than just plywood...we had half the carcasses for the bottom cabinets, yay! It was starting to look like a kitchen! We were able to take the dishwasher and stove out of the boxes so they'd be ready for hookup the next day.
Thursday I left Tim & Olaf to fend for themselves and I went to work. The plumber came and when I got home we had a new sink and stove in place.

Friday was a slow day with the guys trying to figure out cutting the melamine for the upper cabinets. By Saturday morning Tim had figured out he needed to build a sled for the table saw. It made for much easier and faster cutting.
Saturday was open house day! Quite a few people dropped by to check out our progress.
Sunday Tim deservedly took things easy. He did a little bit of electrical work and then we went to pick up his mom and headed down to Cowansville for a visit at cousin Mike's.
And Tim's vacation was over!

This past week was a lot of priming & painting cabinets and putting up the upper cabinets.
When we finally unboxed the microwave/hood we discovered that the back corner had been dented so we went and exchanged it for a new one on Thursday. Sears had offered to give us a $100 rebate if we kept the damaged one but we nixed that idea. No damaged goods for us! We're damaged enough ourselves as it is!!!

The last few days' progress include staining and putting together drawers and tiling the backsplash...