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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas guzzling and (guiltily) loving it!

Tim has a course downtown all this week which means I get to drive the truck to work, woohoo!
I can't decide which is better, being able to sleep in til 6:15 or getting home at 4:30. I might not get home quite that early tomorrow though when traffic is sure to pick up.
And Thursday morning I have a doctor's appointment so I have no choice but to drive to work afterwards to cut down on my time off.
No, no, I'm not trying to justify myself for not using public transporation, honest!

Weekend part 2

I got up bright and early Saturday morning (well, technically getting up at 7 is sleeping in for me...) and went to see Tim curl. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they lost their game so they were out of the bonspiel. That meant we had the rest of the weekend to do as we pleased!
In the afternoon, Tim & I took a walk over to the Westmount greenhouse and he took some photos of their spring flower show.
Maya came over for fondue that evening, she was due for a visit as she was one of the few of our close friends who couldn't make it to our St-Patrick's party.

Easter Sunday was for family. We went Melora's (my brother's fiancée) place for lunch, ham & scalloped potatoes, yum, yum. Then it was home for a nap and for supper we headed to Tim's mom's for roast beef and mashed. One can never have too much potatoes in one's diet. We are headed to Ireland after all!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long weekend

Some of us were lucky enough to have a day off on Friday, others, not so lucky. Tim had to get up to go to work and had the alarm set for 6:30. As I'm used to getting up at 5:30, by the time he got out of the shower, I was pretty much wide awake so I got up and had breakfast with him. I spent a leisurely morning reading the paper and spent some time online and then I took the metro to go and meet Tim at his office in St-Laurent so we could go to lunch together. He and his co-worker Andrew often go to this Asian restaurant called Wing Phat on Jarry near Pie-IX and I always hear about it and last time they went I even got some leftovers but this was finally my opportunity to experience it myself. The place used to be a grocery store and they served meals to a few crowded tables at the back but now they've turned it into an actual restaurant, complete with tasteful decor. I can say it was well worth the trip. The have about 200 plates to chose from. I had beef with udon noodles. I love udon noodles, they are deliciously slimy!

Then I came home and had a two hour nap!

Since Tim went to the curling club for the evening, I watched "No Country For Old Men". It was pretty good. Not the best Coen brothers film I've seen, but entertaining in its own bizarre way. I don't think Tim would have enjoyed it.
And since I had that 2 hour power nap, I managed to stay awake throughout the entire film! If you didn't know, I am notorious for falling asleep during movies. It can be the most exciting, action-packed, loud movie possible, yet I am sure to nod off at some point while watching. Don't even think of making me watch a Jim Jarmusch movie. (They are extreeeeeemely slow-paced, although "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai" with Forest Whitaker was pretty good.)

The next movie I'm keen on seeing is "The Wind That Shakes the Barley".
Only 40 days til we leave for Ireland, woohoo!
I guess that means I should be doing some more planning...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's been a while...

I'm still here...I think it's time for one of those point form updates. I haven't taken the time to blog and the longer I go, the harder it gets to get back on track but I'll try...

Well, everybody knows how much snow we've had to contend with so I can skip that.
What have I been doing instead of blogging?
Watching waaaay too much American Idol! So I like Ryan Seacrest, sue me.
I'm actually glad there was a tv writer's strike. We record most shows we watch on the computer and I haven't even watched most of what's there. Now Tim has gone and deleted the season finale of Prison Break, one show that was on despite the strike. Oh well, luckily I'm not a tv addict, I can take it or leave it. I still have all of season 1 of Prison Break that we borrowed from Katja to watch too.

We got a new truck! But to most of you,that is old news. It has already been 6 weeks since we got it even if it does still have that new car smell! And we're loving it. The truck, that is, not the smell.

We spent a weekend in Mountain View to celebrate Stéphanie's birthday in mid-Feb. Did some cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. We had rented some snowshoes from MEC and we liked them so much we bought the company! Ha ha (anybody remember Victor Kiam? Anyone? Anyone?)
Actually, a couple of weeks ago, we bought snowshoes but even with all this snow, we have yet to try them out.

We booked our plane tickets for Ireland! Yay! We leave Friday May 2nd and are back on Sunday May 18th. Anybody who's been there is free to make suggestions as to what to see when we're there. So far the only plan we have is to spend a few days in Dublin then rent a car and drive around, staying in B&Bs.

Last weekend we celebrated St-Patrick's day with an evening of stew and Salty Dog at the curling club and I took in the parade on Sunday with Steph, Olaf & Heidi and then we had a large crowd over for stew and soda bread and live music. Daryl played his pipes for us.

On Saturday, we had celebrated our niece Vanessa's first birthday. One year old, how time flies! We've been enjoying seeing her grow, even if it's been way too fast! Luckily we get to see her often, we usually do something with Cathy & Eric at some point on most weekends.

That's about it for now. More to come.