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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some things are just wrong.

Yes, some things just make you question your reality as you know it, such as:

Macy's having a Veteran's day mattress sale and

seeing the "What a friend I Have in Jesus" dude in Archambault, in the classical music section.
He must have been lost.

(Friday, December 08, 2006
Totally Un-PC

Are all metro buskers mentally ill or what?! I made the mistake of walking through the tunnel from Atwater metro to Westmount Square again this evening. And he was there, the "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" dude. He plays this same damn tune over and over and over and over and, well you get my point. And he strums this little blue guitar. I can't even tell what language he's singing in, but I'll give him credit that the song is actually recognizable. I came this close (I'll let you decide how close it actually was) to asking him if that is the only song he ever plays. It's certainly the only song I've ever heard him play! And then it just gets stuck in my head. And why don't even ask me why I know this song! And he looks like Henry from the comics would like if he were a real person and in his 60's! Next time I think I will just grab his guitar and smash it to bits. Dare me?!
Rant over.)

The roof, the roof, the roof is on...

Yes, our roof is all fixed up, just in time for the downpours we had 2 Saturdays ago. The Sunday was a much nicer day and Tim was curling in a bonspiel at Mount Bruno so I went walking on Mont Saint Bruno with Cathy and Vanessa as Eric was working. It was a little windy but the sun was out and we saw two deer. One on the way in and one on the way out of the park. I did have my camera with me but the first deer was moving too fast for me to get a good shot and the second one was just too far away.
I opted out of going out to supper with Tim and his teammates, who went to the Creperie in Saint Bruno. I got myself invited over to Cathy & Eric's instead.

Halloween was a busy night on our street. I got home from work with just enough time to put out our pumpkins and our few sad little decorations before the first trick o'treaters showed up.
Next year, Tim vows he will put on a big production to make the kids earn their candy! We'll see...
We must have had close to 150 monsters and princesses come begging at our door, most of them not from our neighbourhood. It certainly was a nice night to be out.

Last weekend, the Mount Bruno bonspiel continued and this time Cathy & I went walking with Vanessa on Saturday. Eric stayed at the club to watch his bro play and to take pictures (with Tim's "good" camera.) The boys stayed at the club for supper and the girls got invited by Cathy's parents to stay and have some stew and dumplings. Yummy!
After supper, I learnt how to play the card game "May I?" (it's close to Contract rummy.) We didn't play all 7 rounds but I was ahead when we quit playing. Not bad for a first time!

As of yesterday, our upstairs was still pretty much in complete disarray except for the cleaning we did and setting our bed back up so we could start getting a good night's sleep again.
Yesterday while Tim curled in Valleyfield, I did my Superwoman act and put all the other furniture back into place.

Yep, at this time of year, our world pretty much revolves around work and curling! Good thing I don't curl or nothing would ever get done around here!
(But I draw the line at cleaning up the basement...I'm still waiting on Tim for that one...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting.....)