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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cousin playdate

With all the sickness that's been going around Kieran and his cousin Vanessa hadn't seen each other in 5 weeks but we're slowly making up for lost time. We had a visit to their house on Sunday to celebrate Catherine's birthday and then Vanessa came over here today while her mommy had her shoulder tended to.

Despite the 19 month age gap, they really seem to enjoy each other's company and play pretty well side by side if not together. Vanessa's a little more possessive of some of her toys but when she first got here this morning, I could perceive that Kieran wasn't too sure about her playing with his things. He seemed a little bewildered that she was taking over his turf!

It was a beautiful sunny morning so we then bundled ourselves up for a walk to the park. Vanessa helped push Kieran in his stroller and pushed the crosswalk button. I thought Kieran might settle down for a snooze but there was too much excitement with all the kids from the daycare running around. He sat in the stroller for a little bit while Vanessa roamed around and swung and slid then we got him out so he could take part in some of the fun. He's not walking yet so it's hard to let him loose in the park. We sat him in a swing and we also went "bouncy, bouncy" on the teeter-totter.

Then it was time to come home for lunch. Vanessa has been potty training and we had a successful trip all the way upstairs (with a pit stop first to play with the ball popper game) to the bathroom. I didn't have any chocolate to reward her with but she didn't even ask for any.

We had egg salad sandwiches and cucumber and Kieran had strained carrots along with his egg and bread. Vanessa took great pleasure in helping feed Kieran his lunch. She also took great pleasure in eating his raspberries. She first started giving him pieces then she took half for herself then the pieces started getting smaller and then the whole raspberry was for her alone! Luckily Kieran was pretty much done by then! And luckily he is a very patient boy!

Catherine had arrived by this time and unfortunately doesn't yet feel the benefits of her massage. Let's hope this "pain in the neck" doesn't linger for too much longer...

The kids played for a little while more and then it was time for Vanessa to go home for a nap. It took a little coaxing and a few tears were shed but they got out the door without too much of a fight.

Kieran looked pretty wiped out himself so I brought him upstairs and rocked him and held on tight while he squirmed and struggled and he eventually actually fell asleep! Even with being able to hear Holden crying away next door. (We live in a row house and Kieran's bedroom wall adjoins the 15 month old next door's bedroom.)

I heard a few peeps out of K a little while ago but he's been sleeping for an hour and 40 minutes, yesssssss!!!

Yesterday he napped for over three hours but that was after swimming, nursing and being bundled up in the stroller.
This afternoon nap is a breakthrough!