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Friday, January 29, 2010

The week in review

Kieran is doing better although he is still not quite his usual self. He had a good weekend, spending the day on Sunday with his cousin Vanessa. He seems to be getting a bit possessive of his toys now. Depending on what she was playing with, he seemed to be giving her a "look" as if to say "hey, that's mine!" But he's not at the stage yet where he'll do anything about it.

He woke up crying sometime around one that night but Tim was able to quickly get him back to sleep. He was all tangled up in his covers and was congested too. He then slept until almost 9 that morning. We had a visit from Granddaddy and Grand-Maman for lunch but Kieran had no appetite, except for Granddaddy's cinnamon roll!
This was also a 2 nap day, yay!

On Tuesdays we go to Tumbling Tots just around the alleyway from our house at the Greene Avenue Community Centre.

Kieran's only symptom that day was a runny nose.
Later that evening though I heard him coughing while I was getting ready for bed and when I checked in on him, he'd thrown up. Poor little guy didn't even wake up and cry, he just lay in it. Ick!

On Monday and Wednesday evenings, I go to aquaform class and since Tim was planning to work late on Wednesday, we had asked his mom to come babysit Kieran. After lunch, Kieran got a little cranky so we went for a walk and he cried on & off the whole time we were out. And when we got home and he was out of the stroller, it was full blown wailing for a good 45 minutes. I didn't want my mother-in-law to have to deal with a cranky gassy kid so I called her and told her not to bother coming over as I would skip swimming to stay with Mr Cranky-pants. After his crying spell, he fell asleep in my arms for a little while until the phone rang and I got up to answer it. He managed
to eat a good supper but then when I was getting him ready for bed, he threw up all over the changing table. Good thing I don't mind doing laundry!
By then I could see the white of his bottom left incisor coming through.

Today and yesterday have been good days. We went to our first Mother Goose session of the year yesterday morning. Lots of new faces around. Kieran fell asleep on the way home then slept for over 2 more hours in his crib. No complaints here!
He's still a little cranky and cuddly and isn't playing as much as usual but Daddy was home early this evening to give him lots of attention.
Let's see what the (cold, frigid) weekend has in store for us...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sicky update

Kieran is doing better today, thanks for your concern. He's still got a bit of a fever but has a little more energy and slept through the night.
But he's still recovering from whatever it was...

I'll just lie here and play

Happy boy

Not so happy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's up today

We started the day off a little earlier than planned this morning...
I woke up at 4 am to the sounds of Kieran whining but fell back asleep for about a half hour until he really started crying. Tim was a little quicker to get to him (I might have purposefully let him!) and found him in the corner of his crib burning up. His temp was not too high, 38.9 C but the little one was definitely suffering. So after a diaper change, I tried giving him some Tempra but he wouldn't let me anywhere near him with the eye dropper. After some coaxing, I finally got some into his mouth and, of course, he threw up. Wow, over 9 hours after eating and (gory details), he hadn't digested supper very much. And I wasn't witness to it, but apparently he let out a HUGE rumbling fart! Anyhow I let Daddy go back to bed and rocked Kieran and myself back to sleep, waking up enough to get us both back to bed.
Come 6:30, we weren't awakened by Tim's alarm clock, but by Kieran crying again. I rocked him back to sleep and he slept well past 9 o'clock, I think. I didn't hear make any noises when I got up but when I checked on him after my shower, he was just laying there in bed, eyes open, not making a sound, not moving. Poor little guy. His temp was now up to 39.3. He did manage some breakfast and milk and played for a little while between cuddles.
Then he just got restless, didn't want to be held, didn't want to be put down. He was circling the couches, putting his head down, getting up then settled down trying to get comfortable and just lost it and cried the biggest tears, eventually falling asleep in my arms. So upstairs we went for a diaper change and I rocked him back to sleep before putting him down in his crib. After a little tossing and turning, I thought he was out cold but as I looked back before closing the door, again he was lying there with his eyes open but not moving or making a sound. He did start babbling for a few minutes by the time I got downstairs and put the monitor on but it sounds like he's settled down for now.
Upset stomach? Teeth? Ear infection? Only time will tell.
Thankfully, he doesn't seem to be suffering too badly. Or maybe he takes after his mom and is not a complainer!