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Monday, June 29, 2009

Oops, I did it!

We had a tiring but very fun-filled weekend with my brother's wedding happening but more on that later. We got to see some family, here's an exerpt:

Ma tante Jeanne-Mance to me (in French): "I'm sorry, I can't remember your husband's name."

Me: "It's Tim."

Her: "Dim?" (or Pim or something like that!)

Me: "No Tim, like Tim Horton, Tsim. Tsimothée."

Her: "Aaaah, why didn't you say Tsimothée in the first place.?!"

Sorry Tsim....

Footnote: Most French Canadians for some reason can never get Tim's name right unless it is pronounced with a "ts" sound.

Footnote for Maya: I guess we have to call Kieran "Tsimbit" now!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's time to update!

Unfortunately, more often than not, it's when I'm awake at some ungodly hour of the morning that I actually take the time to update my blog!
Unfortunately, I really wish I'd had more than 5 hours sleep last night.
Let's hope Kieran naps well again like he did yesterday so I can get a nap in later too.

So what have we been up to in the last 2 months?

Yes, I am again reduced to highlighting our exciting lives to try and catch up!

Well, our upstairs renovations are not quite complete (there's some painting touch ups to be done, doors to be hung and a few little other odds and ends) but we have moved on to bigger and better things!
Our front steps really needed to be redone, in fact we'd had the permit to do the work since last summer but never got around to finding someone who was available to do the work.
We have access to our basement from the front (we live in a row house) and the cement walls were in dire need of repair. We're very pleased with the end result and now we have extra storage under the stairs as they excavated further back than what we had previously.
The weather has not been too cooperative lately so the stairs only got a first coat of paint this past Wednesday (we splurged on Benjamin Moore Aura paint) but Tim is also up early so it looks like coat #2 will go on this morning!

I don't think we'll be dancing the night away this evening!

Kieran is doing well. He's much, much more alert and interactive as the days go by.
8 1/2 months old already!
He started sitting up without the side to side wobbles and toppling over at the beginning of this week.
He just can't get out of the sitting position without help once we plop him down on the floor.
He's not crawling yet but is certainly mobile nonetheless. He can roll and turn himself all over the living room floor. We really need to baby-proof this place soon!

Kieran also started on solid foods, oh, way back when at this point! I've been making my own baby mush and freezing it in ice cube trays for appropriate size portions. It's been going well with only a few throw up mishaps, especially when he had a cold and fever. Although in the last couple of weeks, he's picked up his old habit of doing raspberries. Very cute at first. Not so cute when he has a mouth full of food and you get a turkey or broccoli shower.

We've had a couple more appointments at the Children's Hospital. Kieran's kidneys are pretty much ok but they'll keep checking on them. We have another ultrasound in September.
He might be allergic to peanuts, we had him tested after he had some kind of skin reaction while we were in Barbados. But at this point it was inconclusive. The doctor prescribed us an Epipen (which I try to remember to bring with us whenever we go out) but we'll have him re-tested in a year. In the meanwhile we just make sure we wash our hands well after eating peanut butter.

And Monsieur's personality is certainly developing. He gets this little devious look on his face when he does something and you can really see he's wondering what kind of reaction he'll get from us from his behaviour.

I will officially be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) once my parental leaves runs out in August but I guess I shouldn't really write about the details until next month. So more to come on that later!

That's about all the highlights I can think of at the moment. I really will try to blog more often! I know, I keep saying that! But the longer you go without writing, the harder it is to get back into it. You just don't know where to begin.

I find it a lot like talking to someone you haven't seen in a long time. You just don't feel like it's appropriate to get into the details of your daily life when they have no idea what's been going on in the big scheme of things.

Do you do that? Some people I haven't talked to in months I find I have nothing to say to while I can chat with others every day for half an hour (or more!)
Kind of like in Cegep when I'd spend most of the day with some friends and then we'd spend half of the evening on the phone with each other!

So tomorrow, I will be back.
I should have a lot to big brother's getting married today. YIKES!