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Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes it's been a while since my last post and lots has happened but I'm not going to try and play catch up today. I'll just ramble on about how uneventful the day was...
I've been having what I thought were allergies the last couple of evenings. Sinus pain, sneezing, itchy eyes. But then last night I woke up a few times with sneezing fits. So I gave in and got up to take some Advil. Except I didn't want to blind myself in the middle of the night by turning a light on. So this morning I realized I had taken Benadryl instead of Advil. No wonder I didn't feel any relief. So I woke up feeling so-so, well enough to decide I would go for a run. Then I got out of bed and stood upright. Sinus pain, ow. Not to mention the tightness in my calves from my aquaform class yesterday. So, yeah, great start to the day. I spent the morning blowing my nose and wishing I could go back to bed all the while feeding and entertaining my napless baby. Honestly, all I wanted to do was lie down and all I can recall doing is feeding Kieran and reading the newspaper. Oh, and eating. I've been so hungry all day. Feed a cold?
The Advil kicked in pretty well and I was feeling better by late afternoon. Still tired but I got a little reprieve on the couch around 4 o'clock. Yeah, cos Kieran napped in his high chair half-way through lunch. So of course instead of napping myself at that time, I checked my emails and probably tried to satiate my appetite. Anyhow, I decided we had to get out of the house and enjoy some of what was left of this nice day so after nursing K for like the 5th time today, we headed over to the Greene Centre for a community corn roast. Kieran might not have any teeth but he sure enjoyed me plucking kernels off a cob and finger feeding him. Kinda messy but it did the trick. From there we went for a little walk over to the park behind the high school and Kieran went for a swing. Then it was back home for more food. We're so done with baby mush. This means more planning when it comes to meal time but I'll try and make stews and slow-cooker recipes that will be easy for Kieran to eat. He so needs to sprout some teeth. He's just got a top one that started protruding about 3 weeks ago. Anyhow, he stills manages to eat chunks of meat without choking on them so I guess it's ok.
Tim was out this evening, curling for the first time this season so I got Kieran ready for bed and he was out cold by 9 o'clock. I'm not looking forward to weaning this kid. It's just so easy to get him to fall asleep by nursing him. Unfortunately that's not always the case when it comes to daytime naps. He usually falls asleep in my arms then wakes up as soon as I try to move him to the playpen. That's probably why he falls asleep so easily at night, he's just plain exhausted! At least he hasn't started having complete breakdowns during the day when he's tired. He does get a little whiny sometimes but I'm not sure what my strategy should be for naps. Right now, if he naps, all the better and if he doesn't, well no big deal. I know if I really wanted him to go down, I could bring him upstairs to his crib and pull the shade and he'd fall asleep, eventually. But our daily routine isn't always the same so I figure why tie myself down with trying to do things a set way and have him completely melt down if we go beyond the predictable. That and I just don't like the idea of having him upstairs and having to have the baby monitor on to hear him. I'll just go with the flow. So far that's pretty much what's worked for us. We're just lucky to have such a good baby. Which I realize he's becoming less and less of ( a baby , that is) as the days go by. Sniff, sniff!