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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kieran!

We celebrated Kieran's first birthday twice on Thanksgiving weekend with turkey dinners and cake and cupcakes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Kieran and I both have colds. His nose started to run (quick, go catch it!) on Sunday and I woke up every hour between Sunday night and Monday morning with my nose running or a sneezing fit. On the plus side, Kieran slept until 8:35 yesterday and 9:35 this morning and napped throughout the day. But he's had a fever too which has made the poor kid unlike his usual self. He's had no appetite and has been quiet and clingy especially this afternoon when he would start crying if I tried to put him down. So I enjoyed cuddling my baby and singing to him and taking it easy myself. Though I could have done without him throwing up both last night and tonight just before bedtime, especially since Daddy wasn't home to help clean up.

Being sick meant skipping swimming class this morning so hopefully we'll be better and be able to make it on Thursday. K & I have been going to aqua-poussette classes again but this time we're going to the pool down in Little Burgundy. It's about a 25 minute walk from home but the class is at 9 am so we're a little rushed in the mornings we go. I know, you people are scoffing at the fact that we have a hard time making it for 9 but Kieran usually wakes up around 7:45 and we have to leave the house by 8:15. Which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't need to nurse and eat breakfast! Even on mornings when he wakes up earlier or I have woken him up, he can take an hour to eat a meal so there is no getting out of the house quickly. And waiting until after class to give him breakfast worked a few times but not always.

This class is a good workout for me but this is no interaction with our babies like the other course we took. But I always take Kieran out of the floater and spend the last 10 or 15 minutes with him in my arms in the water and let him do his thing. He enjoys sitting on the edge of the pool and letting himself fall into the water. It's fun to see the difference in what he does since he was last in the water back in June.

Yup, 4 months make quite a difference. He wasn't even sitting up very well on his own back then. Now he's crawling a mile a minute, standing and walking with help, balancing for a few seconds on his own. He's not really saying any words but he babbles convincingly as if he's really speaking just in some foreign language. He sort of understands "no" and gets upset when you turn him away from where he shouldn't be.

I am still nursing him 3 to 4 times a day which was fine until this weekend when he started biting. His first 3 teeth have only come out in last month or so and now he's using them! I guess I was kind of tired when he decided to take a chunk out of me and I started crying pretty hard and said something along the lines of "OWWWW, THAT REALLY HURTS" and with lots more uncontrollable bawling. Well, poor Kieran. At first he was laughing but then when he realized I was crying, he started to cry too! We were literally a sad couple. I'm just glad Tim wasn't here to witness my patheticalness! Maybe if he had been here, I would have controlled my emotions a bit better!