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Monday, August 25, 2008

Positive thinking

Unlike the tone of that last post, things really aren't that bad...and no, I don't think I am trying to downplay my feelings!

The results from my one hour glucose test were just a wee-bit high so my doctor sent me for the three hour tolerance test and that one came out okay so I do not have to worry about gestational diabetes.

The baby's kidneys are still a bit big (and I really can't give much more details about this because I kind of zoned out when my doctor was explaining it) but it should be alright by the time the baby is born.

We start our prenatal classes this week, that might help reality kick in a bit more.

Yeah, believe it or not, even at this point, I stll don't quite feel an overwhelming connection to my baby. I thought maybe doing a 3-D ultra-sound would help but Tim didn't seem too keen on the idea so we'll just save that 200 dollars or so.
It is true that most of the images end up looking pretty much the same from one child to another and they're kinda creepy looking too.

So 5 more weeks and I see my doctor again and have another ultra-sound.
I wonder how much more weight I will have put on by then. So far I have only gained about 22 pounds but in the last little while, my appetite has increased. I can't eat very much in a sitting before getting full but then a half hour to an hour after I have eaten, my stomach is gurgling and I am hungry again.

So hopefully Tim will manage to take some time off from work this week and be able to work on the baby's room and still have some time to relax and have a little fun.
Very wishful thinking on my part...

Pregnancy update

I haven't been blogging much about my pregnancy, I guess for a few reasons.
Timewise when I do have free time, I've been trying to be productive around the house (can't say that's happened much though these days.)
And when I feel compelled to write, it's not about the good stuff so I'd rather avoid recording and sharing the negative.

But this morning is one of those times when my brain is in full gear trying to cope with all of this so I might as well be sitting here at the computer dealing with my thoughts rather than tossing and turning in bed.

Okay, I should correct that...not tossing and turning but more like slowly shifting my weight from one side to the other!

I have been really lucky with my pregnancy and how I haven't had any complications yet at times, I can't help but feel overwhelmed and I wish for the end of October to be here already.
So I try to live for the moment and enjoy the "miracle" that is growing inside me without thinking that it's an alien that's invaded my body and is sucking the life out of me in every way possible!

The mild nausea I had to deal with was over long ago and now I only have to deal with indigestion once in a while at night and that is usually taken care of by taking some antacid.

My carpal tunnel has not subsided since I stopped working. My fingertips are pretty much always numb and my right hand especially hurts at night even with the splints I wear when sleeping.

My ankles and feet are swollen most of the time, no matter how much I elevate my feet, avoid salt and whatever other advice I am given and try to follow.
So my skin is tight and I get itchy and I must scratch yet I get no relief!

Hmmm, what other complaints do I have?!

Oh yeah, how could I forget my sciatic nerve?! I was fine for a few weeks but in the last week as soon as I have some energy and decide to try and be productive and do something physical, the pain kicks in and it's all I can do but to shuffle around.
It's very frustrating not to say irritating, annoying and whatever other synonym you can come up with, to have all this free time on my hands since I have stopped working yet not have the capacity to do anything.
My backyard and what little front yard I have are complete overgrown weed-infested disasters.
The house has a good thick layer of dust coating everything from having the windows open all summer.
Clutter is everywhere and does not help to make my environment a calming and soothing place. No meditaing around here!
We've started on the baby's room and I won't be able to paint because of the fumes but things I could help with, I can't physically handle!

Like I said, it's all very frustrating when I have so much will to do things but am not capable of doing it physically.
Luckily I have been sleeping pretty well. I only wake up to shift positions and then manage to fall asleep pretty much right away.
Yet I still have the urge to take naps more than once during the day.

So all of that takes its toll on me mentally too. Emotions run wilder during pregnancy and I have had a few uncontrollable crying fits where no matter how hard I try to convince myself that it's not so bad, it doesn't help one bit!

Luckily for Tim, most of these fits happen when he's not around. I probably also tend to control myself when he is around. Good or bad, I don't know, but it's my way of dealing with things...

So I must channel some positive energy so not to transfer all this turmoil to my baby!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Excellent weekend

We pulled it off, Tim and I are now husband and wife!
So Tim had taken the day off work on Friday and did all the necessary last minute running around before picking me up at work at 2:30.
We then headed up North to La Minerve where the big event was going down.
We caught up to Katja & Jouni & family at the turnoff from the 117 and Cathy, Eric & Vanessa showed up at the property not long after we had arrived.
So the guys got things set up and Maya, France and Robbie also showed up that evening.
I think that's everyone who was there Friday night.
We didn't get any rain but saw lots of lightning in the distance and also heard some rumbling as we sat around the campfire.
We hit the hay pretty early, hoping to get a decent night's rest before the big day.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to foggy weather which eventually cleared to sunny skies. Too bad that didn't continue later in the day.
Our guests started arriving mid-morning and by 1 o'clock I started getting a little overwhelmed by it all but luckily, Cathy & I were going back with Tim's mom to the B&B where she was staying. This allowed me to get away from all the excitement and calm down a little.
Once we got changed and took some pictures at the B&B, we headed back for the ceremony.
The sky was getting dark in the distance and the closer we got, the heavier the raindrops fell.
We decided to wait out the rain in the car which also allowed the last lollylaggers to arrive.
So I eventually made my way across the field with Cathy, my unofficial lady-in-waiting and joined my husband-to-be under the shelter that was set up for us.

Olaf proved to be the distinguished celebrant that we knew he would be.
And I was easily and unexpectedly able to keep my composure and even managed to look Tim in the eyes while saying my vows.
Ysabel read "How Do I Love Thee" with a thoughtful twist, handing out the lines of the poem to various guests as she read them.
I also got the pleasant surprise of Clara and Leo acting as ring-bearers. They did a stellar job of bringing us our bands!

Before I knew it, the deed was done and Tim and I were kissing each other as husband and wife.

I wouldn't have thought it just a few months ago, but being married really does make a difference. And I've certainly been enjoying calling Tim my husband, tee hee!

As I said before, the rain had somewhat subsided and we managed to gather everyone together for a group photo before organizing the food.
Luckily for me, everyone pitched in and got it all set up. As much as I used to often be the organizer for many a get-together, it was just too much for me to take care of this time. But we kept it simple and we have such great family and friends so everything turned out great.
And then the rain started up again. And then the rain, it poured.
And poured. And poured!
We were prepared with tents but then we also set up tarps between the army tent and
the kitchen shelters we had up.
The rain did eventually let up and we had a great campfire with guitar playing, marshmallows and let's not forget the mosquitoes!
The highlight of the evening was the fireworks display put on by The Rev, Olaf.
We actually lasted a little past midnight before calling it a night.

Sunday was pretty much spent packing everything up.
Luckliy it didn't rain so we were able to put things away dry. There's nothing worse than ending a camping trip with packing up wet gear.

So that in no way even comes close to describing the atmosphere of the weekend!
But I must say, other than the rain, which wasn't all that bad really, the wedding was pretty much everything I could have hoped for.
It was in no way a restful weekend, but most importantly, it was not stressful.

I will have some pics for you tomorrow!