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Friday, October 08, 2010

The summer of chasing Kieran

Well, it's fall now, Kieran is days away from turning 2 and he's going to be a big brother come March!!!

This summer was fun but tiring. Kieran has certainly changed quite a bit in the last few months. We took part in 2 summer programs and along with playdates and outings to the park, we kept pretty busy. Kieran's favourite word became "dehors" (outside!). We were lucky enough to have a very nice summer, I don't recall us having to stay indoors on many days because of rain, phewf! But bringing Kieran to the park had its challenges too. It was quite a workout for me, chasing after my little guy. Parks that weren't fenced in were especially challenging.
But in the last few weeks, he's gotten much better at not running off in every direction. We've even walked quite some distances without him being confined to the stroller and he's been pretty good at holding my hand. We've moved on from him having to wear the dreaded harness.
His communications skills, both speaking and understanding have progressed at a very rapid pace too. He's repeating everything, strings 2 to 3 words together and can count to 5 or 6 by himself. Okay, so he doesn't have it quite right yet...he usually starts at 2 then it's 3, 4, 6 and then 5! It's very cute to see him point at objects and try to count them.
The understanding part is the nicest progress he's made. He will, most of the time, listen when we stay stop or stay here or "donne la main" (give me your hand) and he's not constantly running up the block or into the street when we play in front of the house.
Diaper changes on the other hand have gotten more difficult. He's started to pee on the toilet or in the potty but once he's done his business he still wants to go back and sit there and struggles and screams when it's time to put his diaper back on. There's no reasoning with a 2 year old that you just peed so you don't have to be on the potty anymore! So I stand back from the changing table and try and avoid getting kicked in the belly. Eventually the trantrum passes but I wish it were a little easier, it only gets us both upset.
Aah, the terrible twos have begun!

I think we might be getting a lock for the fridge. He can open the door by himself now. So far he's only gone for his milk but I can see the day when I come back and he's chomping down on a whole block of cheese or something!
That's another thing he doesn't quite get yet, taking small bites. We have to cut everything pretty small or he'll stuff his mouth full to the point of not being able to chew he's got so much in there. So much for table manners.
He does say "pardon" (excuse me) after he burps but also can burp on purpose. Lovely.
He's not too bad about saying thank you and please, probably gets it 25 to 50% of the time. And we get bless you when we sneeze.

We`re trying our best to speak to him in both languages, but sometimes it`s so much easier to revert to English. Oh my brain power needs some help...
Some things he knows better in English, others in French. Same goes for me, I guess!

Well, that`s enough of an update for now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!