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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monthly update

Well, spring has finally sprung.
I've had a couple more doctor's appointments, including an ultrasound.

Alien child

It was rather cool and definitely made it more real.
As has my bulging belly.
I have already had to resort to buying maternity jeans. I do have some pairs of pants that still fit but not my jeans. Not MY jeans. Tim's jeans fit. But I couldn't put up with baggy butt jeans along with my bulging belly.

We spent the weekend of the 19th in Tremblant to celebrate Eric's birthday. It was awesome. Catherine's uncle has a cottage that he rents out and we got the family rate. Murielle and Paul were also along so we pretty much spent the weekend discussing pregnancies! (Murielle is due in June.)
The guys spent the weekend drinking beer. :)

This past weekend was beautiful.
We went out to supper on Friday evening to celebrate Olaf's birthday. We had a very nice meal at Comme Chez Soi, a Belgian restaurant in Pointe-Claire village.
Tim spent the rest of the weekend at work as his office moved and I did some shopping in preparation for our trip to Ireland and cleaned up the garden a bit.

Work has been quite busy with both my co-workers having taken a week's vacation in April. But come Friday...IT'S MY TURN, HEE HEE HEE!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

How it all came about (minus the look in Tim's eyes)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

So, I figure I should record this for the future as I have the need to write about it but I cannot yet make it public on my blog. What am I talking about, you ask??? Well, 2 ½ weeks ago, Tim and I came to a life-altering decision. But it seems, as I gathered from some comments he made afterwards, it was more my decision than his. So, still you ask, what am I talking about??? Well, we’ve decided to start a family! Surprised? Hey, I’ve always said never say never. Anyhow, for quite a while now (maybe since our niece Vanessa was born?), I have been thinking a lot about whether I really wanted to remain childless. Then I would see teenagers on the bus or read stay-at-home-mom’s blogs or hear my friends-with-kids’ stories and then I would again be of the opinion of definitely not wanting children!
Anyhow, a couple of Thursdays ago, as we were settling in for the night, Tim & I got on the topic of having kids and I said I almost wish I would accidently get pregnant so I wouldn’t have to commit to my choice of staying childless, the decision would be made for me (real mature, I know). Which led my man to actually share a few deeper emotional thoughts with me (for once!) and I realized that he was more on the side of wanting kids than us staying DINKS forever. So, as the conversation progressed, we decided that as much as we enjoy the life we have now, we were ready to give up our freedom and take a stab at having a baby!
Strange as it may seem, it was like an epiphany for me. It’s like all of a sudden I was ready to take on all the challenges that this will entail and could see all the pleasure that this will bring to our lives and the lives of others. Before, I really couldn’t accept all the life-altering effects having a child would bring but now I welcome them and am so looking forward to it all. It’s so bizarre, it’s like a switch was suddenly flipped, the blinders were lifted, what other cliché can I use?! I am super happy about it. It all feels so right.
Of course, me being me, I have my somewhat doomsday approach to it and the expect- the-worst-and-be-pleasantly-surprised-if-things-work-out-ok attitude so I have all these nagging thoughts in the back of my mind that all will not go so well but, time will tell! (like the next 20 years or so, at least!)
I now understand and can accept the fact that although there are many things we will no longer be able to do and other things that we will have to postpone doing for, oh, a couple of decades, having children really does enrich your life and bring about different opportunities.

I guess I did a lot of growing up that evening.

It was about time.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not so new news

Well, now that most people know and I've been to the doctor, I guess I will start blogging about it...I'm preggers!
Who woulda thunk?!
I guess this blog will take on a whole new perspective now. My life certainly has (and will even more so, I'm sure).
I wrote up a post a few months ago to publish once I got pregnant but it's on the laptop which Tim has with him at the curling club so that post will have to wait.

So I'll have to be creative after all this evening...

It's strange, even after the doctor's appointment, I still have this weird dubious feeling that it's not real. I've felt a bit queasy and am tired (but not really any more than usual) but other than that, nothing other than some tightness in my stomach makes me feel like I'm pregnant. Anyhow, only 15 more days til the ultrasound so that will surely make me believe it!
I haven't told work yet and I will postpone doing so as long as I can so I'm trying to be creative in explaining all these appointments (I also went for blood tests at the hospital on Friday morning.)
Last Saturday, my company had a lunch at a cabane à sucre in St-Joseph-du-Lac and spouses were invited so I had to make sure that Tim remembered that no one is to know! He tends to spill the beans at times.
And I had to block a couple of co-workers on Facebook.

We've had fun coming up with creative ways on how to tell people.
There's been the "new job in the fall" approach, the "is your arthritis keeping you from knitting these days?" question, the direct announcement "I'M PREGNANT!", to name a few. We've been having fun with it.
I would have liked to have waited a bit longer before telling people, but we couldn't resist sharing the news any longer. That and our St-Patrick's day get-together was the perfect opportunity to tell everyone in person at the same time.

So, I will now be sharing my progress with you here (you are warned!) but will also try to focus on other things too.
That said, after the cabane on Saturday, Tim & I headed up to Gillian & François' in St-Sauveur. We got to try out our new snowshoes, yay! They're great. I really enjoyed it and found it much easier than hiking in the summertime. There is no way I would have been able to hike at the speed we were moving on our snowshoes. So watch out baby, you're going to be bundled up for some snowshoeing next winter!
After the snowsheoing, Gill made us a simple but wonderful meal. I love that our friends are such good cooks! Chick pea salad, pasta with pork and apple strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert.
We have to make a point of seeing them more often.

Work has been completely crazy yesterday and today. This morning I started at 6:30 (and Tim was kind enough to drive me to work since he needed the truck) and finished at 4:00 and I still didn't get everything done. But tomorrow is another day. And is sure to be another busy day!