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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2 nights out in the same week

We went to the movies last Tuesday and saw Charlie Wilson's war. It was good, mainly because of Tom Hanks & Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting. The story seemed a little simplified though. I'm sure there is much more to it than the movie could tell. I certainly hope so. I find it hard to believe that one congressman could almost single-handedly be responsible for such a huge covert operation which is said to have eventually led to the downfall of the Soviet Union.
On the other hand, nothing surprises me when it comes to the involvement of the American government.

And what will happen on this Super Tuesday?

I almost forgot outing #2. On Thursday we went to see Blue Rodeo at Théâtre St-Denis with France & Ysabel. It was excellent from start to finish. Start was the opening act, Luke Doucet, a very good discovery on my part.
Then Blue Rodeo came on and started the show with a more mellow and unplugged mood. After a few songs, the curtain came down, the full drum kit was revealed and they rocked!
Believe it or not, I felt young compared to the rest of the crowd. Or do Blue Rodeo fans just not age well?!

Winter fun

The weekend before last, Tim & I went downhill skiing together for the first time. We took in the beautiful slopes at Mount Sutton in the Eastern Townships. The conditions were great. It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day with a bit of fresh snow and what was surely lots of artificial snow made in the cold nights we had that week. Our tired old legs didn't do too badly so I won't mention the couple of face plants Tim did. :)

We then went to Kay's parents' place in Knowlton for a very nice and elaborate meal with wine tasting. After tasting 7 (or was it 8?!) wines, we got to enjoy a port that her dad had left us from his private collection. Much fun was had by all (we were 16 people, 17 with Vanessa). And even more fun was had by others! Ten of us stayed the night and we crawled into bed sometime after 3 a.m. Hadn't done that in a while. (ok, maybe not so long ago...New Year's maybe.)

We were actually up before 10 the next morning, and because we hadn't nearly stuffed our faces enough the night before, we breakfasted (is that a word?!) on French toast. Mmmm, mushy white bread soaked in egg, doesn't get much better than that.

To our credit, we then went for an hour long walk around the property. And then got back to the house and finished off the bread & cheese from the night before. We couldn't let it go to waste, after all, cheese doesn't keep for very long I'll have you know.

I managed to stay awake for most of the ride home and Tim stayed awake the whole way home. (Thank goodness, he was driving!)

Okay, enough with the bad jokes, I'm going to torture myself by watching American Idol.