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Monday, December 20, 2010

Breakfast casserole

I'm sure this must be tasty, after all it has cheese and bacon as main ingredients, but really, they could have put up a more appetizing looking photo, no?

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

First child syndrome or not

(I swear, I'm going to try and post more often...)

You know how people say they were so cautious with their first child and so careful and conscientious? Ya, well, us, not so much at times...
Kieran had an allergic reaction to peanuts when he was about 5 months old. I'd eaten some peanuts and then held him and he developed a skin irritation in the form of my hand prints on him that went away after a couple of days. So we have had him tested for peanut allergies twice now without any conclusive diagnosis. We carry an Epipen and Benadryl and he does not eat peanut butter or any other peanut products. We're not paranoid about it, definitely not, as we eat peanut butter regularly around him but we're careful.
Well, this evening we went to a Christmas party where there were lots of yummy goodies laid out within his reach, including peanut butter cookies. We were watching him, but of course he did eventually end up grabbing a peanut butter cookie and taking a bite before I noticed. He's still alive and breathing so I guess all is okay. But the consequences could have been life-threatening.
Thinking back on the situation now, should have I asked that the cookies be moved off the table? When I did see that he had the cookie in his mouth, should I have made him spit it out?

Anyhow, let's hope this means he actually isn't allergic to them. But I will absolutely err on the side of caution now as I'm now just a wee bit paranoid as to what his reaction might be to another exposure. Allergies tend to increase in severity with multiple exposures.

So, how good are your instincts in the heat of a bad situation? Do you panic? Are you calm and collected? Do you take charge and take proper control of things?
I don't ever feel like I have very good judgement when things go wrong. I tend to mull things over in my head no matter how mundane they may be so imagine how much time and thought are put into the big things!
Another day, another insecurity...