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Friday, December 26, 2008

The inevitable Holiday family portrait

Happy Boxing Day!

There's lots to catch up on since my last post but where do I begin?!
For now, I'll just blog about the latest...

Last night I figured for once we'd get to bed before midnight for some much needed rest. But, alas, it was not meant to be.
I fed Kieran when we got home from having Christmas dinner at Tim's mom's and then it was up to bed for all of us.
At some point while we were putting Kieran down in his room, I rubbed my eye and dislodged my contact lens without realizing it.
My nearsightedness is not that bad so I didn't notice that I was seeing things blurry through my left eye until I went to take my lenses out.
No lens to be found anywhere in my left eye. I tried for a good half hour and also with Tim's help to try and find the damn lens somewhere in my eyelid but we could not see it. I thought I could feel it. I certainly felt discomfort. I tried flushing my eye out with saline solution but that did not produce a lens either. So I gave up and figured it must have popped out when I rubbed my eye earlier. Or if it was still behind my eyelid somewhere, it would work its way out in my sleep. Well, when I woke up this morning, I still couldn't find the lens in my eye.
So when Kieran is up later, I will get down on my hands and knees and see if I can find the lens somewhere on his bedroom floor.
I know, like a needle in a haystack, but I am persistent with these things!

So I guess I'll be wearing my glasses for the next few days as I have no spare lenses and I really don't feel like going downtown to the optometrist for more this weekend. That and I'm not entirely convinced it's not still in my eye!

I think I'll be looking into laser eye surgery in the new year...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The circle of life

Kieran's maternal Great-Grandma, as we all affectionately know as Mémère, passed away yesterday after 84 well-lived years.

She only got to see Kieran once in person, but was charmed by his cuteness!

We'll miss you Mémère, you are in our hearts and thoughts forever.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 months old today

Here are a few pics of Kieran, they were taken on Nov 22nd.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Movie review

Kieran and I went to Movies for Mommies again today and saw Transporter 3.

Written by Luc Besson, starring Jason Statham and it has a car chase scene that involves a BMX bike...what more could you want?!!!
I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Getting out and about

We've kept pretty busy the last few days, actually getting out, even yesterday despite the deep freeze!

On Thursday, we took a walk over to the shopping centre, Alexis Nihon Plaza, for some lunch at the Lebanese place and then we started a little of our Christmas shopping. I had Kieran in the Maman Kangourou carrier, which is great but I certainly can't keep my coat on for any length of time without sweating buckets!

Friday afternoon we took a metro ride to meet Tim at Côte Vertu after work and then we headed to the Baie D'Urfé curling club. Both teams that Tim sponsors were playing at 6 & 10 pm so we were there to cheer them on (and also to show off Kieran!)

The club was also using Tim's new service Webspiel to keep game scores. He's worked so hard on it and it's finally ready for use. He still has a lot to do before it's up to the standards he wants, but at least now it is useable. The great thing about this service is it has no real cost to it other than Tim's time and minimal hosting fees but can potentially bring in lots of revenue! Bring it on!

Saturday was the big company was having their Christmas party at the Montreal Casino and Grandma Jo-Anne was coming over to baby-sit.

I was actually surprised that they remembered to invite me to the party!

Anyhow, we left they house a little after 5 and came back around 11. Six whole hours and apparently Kieran wasn't any trouble. Okay, except for the explosive diaper but I half-expected that as he hadn't had much of a poop all day! Grandma dealt with it just fine.

Tim and I had a very nice evening out. My friend Katja now works in my department (we worked together for one whole week before I left in August) so she and her husband Jouni were sitting at the same table as us and 2 other couples.
I did the rounds and showed off Kieran's picture and did the proud parent gushing thing!
The meal was very good, we had filet mignon cooked to perfection and we even got a $25 chip for the casino along with the gifts donated from suppliers. I received a wooden cd holder and a gift certificate for St-Hubert restaurant.
I played a whopping 50 cents on the slots and Tim lost $20. It was pretty busy at the casino, it being a Saturday night. So by 10:30, we'd had enough and headed home to give Grandma her reprieve.

Sunday morning,Kieran and I headed off to Church as I figured I should make a few appearances before he gets baptized at the end of the month!
Half-way through the service I spotted my Auntie Ann so we scooted up and joined her for the rest of the mass. She was happy to see us and made her usual comment of Kieran always having his eyes closed when she sees him.

Yesterday, as all you Montrealers know, the temperature plunged to minus 30 celsius with the wind chill but we bundled up and went over to the High School to vote in the provincial elections. I was expecting this but was a bit annoyed nonetheless that when I got there there was no way I could get in the front door with the stroller as they have a long set of stairs. A kind man went in to see if there was another entrance I could use but then an elections worker came out and helped me lift the stroller up the stairs. I certainly now have much greater sympathy for people with limited mobility. I also find it much easier to get around with Kieran in a baby carrier.
Which reminds me that it is time to get him in the Maman kangouroou to go to the movies!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

More than just fussing.

So Tim fessed up and told me last night that Kieran did a little more than just fuss while I was out yesterday...apparently there was no calming him down. He cried hard enough to draw tears, which almost had Daddy in tears!
I'm sure the fact that Tim was trying to get some work done on the computer didn't help the situation. Oh well, chalk one up to experience!
It's funny though how sometimes he can go from perfectly peaceful to wailing away in just seconds and then back to calm again. Once you give him what he wants, that is!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today's outing

Yesterday I went to the periodontist further to my dentist referring me to him because I had some bone loss on one of my lower front teeth. It was detected before my pregnancy but could have gotten worse in the meantime.
So they took a complete set of x-rays of my mouth while Kieran waited at reception with all the women in the office gushing over him!
After my consultation with the doctor, he determined there are 3 areas that need taking care of, to the tune of about $3000! Thank goodness for insurance!
When we got to the reception to book my next appointment, they had just gotten a cancellation. So my first procedure was booked for this morning.

Tim was able to work from home today while I went to my appointment up the street.
I fed Kieran just before leaving but apparently he did not stop fussing from the moment I went out the door.
Tim was just about to feed him a bottle when I got back. So we proceeded to bottle-feed him, which he didn't take to very well at first but he finally got the hang of it and gobbled up 160 ml. It was a good test to see if he would drink from the bottle as Tim and I are going to my company Christmas party on Saturday evening and Grandma Jo-Anne is babysitting. She will certainly need to feed Kieran at some point so it definitely was a good idea to see if Kieran would take a bottle before then.

The surgery went well, the needle was the worst part, I think.
They did lots of scraping around the tooth to clean everything out and then sewed it all up.
I didn't feel much pain but on the way home, I dutifully filled my prescription for Atasol, which is basically Tylenol with codeine.
We'll see how the codeine affects Kieran through my breast milk. The pharmacist said there are no adverse affects but he could get drowsy. The pills also have caffeine in them which could stimulate him, so who knows what the reaction might be!

My mouth is slowly thawing out and it's a little hard to swallow and open my mouth very wide but I've delt with much worse.
I have gone through childbirth after all!

Well worth the cost and then some!

I love tabulating things. If I didn't suck so bad at math, I probably would have gone into accounting. Anyhow, yesterday I had fun calculating some of our baby-related costs....

Prescriptions $60
Medical $400
Room decorating $535
Car seat & stroller $655
Clothes $195
Breast-feeding & formula $450
Diapers $165
Misc $135

That's really not that bad. But I'm surprised to see that breast-feeding cost so much!
We've also been very blessed with very generous friends and family. The baby furniture, playpen, highchair, 2nd carseat, tons of clothing and so much more were passed along to us from others.
I love hand-me-downs, it gives me a sense of warmth when I know someone we care for used these things before us (and tested them out too!)
Yep, we're lucky...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sleeping Baby

Score! 3 for 3!

I don't think that the men that read this will fully appreciate the significance of this post but anyhow here goes...

On Friday, I was out with Kieran to go to the movies. There is a program at some cinemas called Movies for Mommies where they turn down the lights and provide a changing table with (supposedly, but this week lacking) the supplies you need.
So I put him in the Maman Kangourou carrier and off we went to catch the bus for the 1:20 pm showing at Côte-des-Neiges.
We enjoyed the newest James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace."
Now this was not the significant part of my day...

After the movie, we wandered around the mall and I walked into Reitman's, a women's chain clothing store here where I had previously seen a top I thought might be nice for Christmas.
At the time, I didn't even bother trying it on as it was still full price.
I rarely will buy something before it goes on sale unless it's really inexpensive or I really want it then and there. Why pay full price when I know very well I can pay less if I only wait a couple of weeks?!
So here was the top again and on sale. So I looked it over grabbed an XL and figured I'd try it on at home and return it if it didn't fit (which I fully expected.)
Then I saw a sweater (not that I need another sweater but it looked nice) for $20 so I grabbed that in a large and hoped for the best.
Well, I couldn't believe it...they both fit...really nicely! I should try that more often, it certainly saved time!

Then on Saturday, we stopped at Old Navy where they were having a huge sale. I found a pair of jeans that looked like what I was looking for and headed to the fitting rooms but then balked when I saw the long line-up. Well, I didn't have Kieran on me but I definitely didn't want to wait in line just to find out the jeans didn't fit so we just headed to the cash and went with the try-on-at-home-and-return-if-need-be theory.
Can you believe that the jeans fit, really nicely?! Jeans, I tell you. Now you all must know how hard it is to find jeans that fit well. How amazing is it that they fit without even trying them on?!

It's the little things in life I tell ya!