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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post-Christmas post

Note to self, when you have a instinctive feeling about something, give in to it...upon choosing which bottle of alcohol I was going to bring to a party on Saturady evening, I debated whether or not a bottle of Désirable was still good after being open for 2 years. Well, their webiste says 6 months to a year. And my stomach agreed. So, at 3:30 or so in the morning, my stomach let me know that said bottle of liqueur should have been dumped. I was pretty much out of commission on Sunday. Luckily we had nowhere to go and were not expecting any guests in our home. I was feeling well enough on Christmas day that I was able to eat a normal helping of turkey with all the trimmings at Tim's family celebration at his mom's but only managed one meal yesterday when my family came over and am still a bit queasy today. Not good when your job involves taste-testing!

Anyhow, other than that I had a very good Christmas, surrounded by loved ones. And I was spoiled as usual. Among other things, I got two very beautiful fresh water pearl necklaces, earrings, a belt, gift certificates and a food processor. (which has yet to arrive, I can't wait til it does!)
Today's return to work was made less brutal by getting up at 6:15 & driving in. No traffic today, that's for sure.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas mysteries

How is it that we've already managed to end up with pine needles in our bathroom when all we did was bring our Christmas tree home today and put it on the back porch?!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping is almost all done, yay!

I got most of my Christmas shopping done this weekend as Tim was away in Quebec City for another curling weekend. And I even wrapped everything. I also got a great idea from Catherine was to what to get my parents.

We finally got the front part of our roof done today. I now don't have to worry that I will wake up to our bedroom ceiling falling down on us anytime soon. I also take great solace in the fact that our neighbour's roof is in much worse shape than ours was...


Friday, December 08, 2006

Totally Un-PC

Are all metro buskers mentally ill or what?! I made the mistake of walking through the tunnel from Atwater metro to Westmount Square again this evening. And he was there, the "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" dude. He plays this same damn tune over and over and over and over and, well you get my point. And he strums this little blue guitar. I can't even tell what language he's singing in, but I'll give him credit that the song is actually recognizable. I came this close (I'll let you decide how close it actually was) to asking him if that is the only song he ever plays. It's certainly the only song I've ever heard him play! And then it just gets stuck in my head. And why don't even ask me why I know this song! And he looks like Henry from the comics would like if he were a real person and in his 60's! Next time I think I will just grab his guitar and smash it to bits. Dare me?!
Rant over.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Crazy beginning to the weekend

Friday of all days, with freezing rain pouring down and gale force winds blowing, my 4:23 bus either showed up way early or not at all. Which meant I had to stand out there shivering and cursing for about 25 minutes. By the time the next bus showed, the back of my pant legs were sopping wet, my skin was stinging and my umbrella had literally exploded into pieces.

Then as I got home and turned the corner at the top of our street, this is what greeted me...

courtesy of Tim Colby []

Apparently it made quite a noise and shook the house when it came down! Our neighbour Karina's car had its back end damaged.

So that was Friday night's excitement.

Last night was my work Christmas party at Terra Mare on Sources Blvd. The food was pretty good and all the employees got a door prize and a Loblaws gift certificate. And spouses were invited, all paid for. Not a bad time of year to have started working!

And I spent most of today cooking up what I had begun yesterday: tourtières, apple pie, chili & spaghetti sauce. Now we have to decide which one we're going to have for supper. It all smells so good!