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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Evening #1

I apologize for this post to my friends whose partners are regularly out of are rock stars!

Tim is away for the week. He took the 5 pm train to Toronto to attend a training course. That means I will be alone for 4 evenings to get Kieran fed his supper and ready for bed.

Last night went pretty smoothly. Kieran had spent the day at daycare and there were leftovers in the fridge so that helped out.
We walked home from daycare with a stop to play in the park and then he spent some time on his scooter with one of the neighbours when we got home.
Then it was time for supper as I knew Patrick would be waking up any second. Yep, as soon as we got inside, P started to wake up and fuss.
So I quickly got a plate ready for Kieran and he sat down more or less quietly in Daddy's chair and ate it all up, asking for seconds.
This let me tend to Patrick without too many interruptions.
When he was done, Kieran inevitably asked to watch Dora so I set him up in front of the living room tv and he watched the "Choo Choo" episode for the upteenth time.
Patrick was still stuck on the boob for a bit longer and then it was finally my turn for some nourishment.
Ah, yes, Mommy always comes last!
Dora was over but Patrick was still fussing and I did say he could watch only one episode but Kieran was asking for the Choo Choo again so technically, that's only one episode, right?!
I finished up my meal and Patrick seemed done but unsettled and with Dora over for the second time, we tried to call Daddy to say goodnight but he didn't answer his phone.
So we read Green Eggs and Ham a couple of times and Kieran was way past tired.
We headed up to bed with no muss and no fuss on his part but his brother was still awake and whining.
We left Patrick downstairs and I could hear him crying so it was a quick goodnight ritual for Kieran.
I got back to Patrick and nursed him a bit and then he was out cold. All that crying and all he needed was a little top up!

And the rest of the evening was rather quiet.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's play by play of the witching hour!

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